3CX Eco Assemble - Product Animation

One of the less obviously difficult tasks I have been set is the creation of promotional material for JCB's 3CX backhoe loader. The basis of this was a texturing and lighting exercise to produce as close to realistic imagery as possible and then create the animation. I approached this as a object assembly, to emphasis the design and efficiency of the design of the machine as well as trying to thread in morels and ideology of JCB as a company. 

I separated each component into its own layer and textured them accordingly. These layers where then used to create the animation as well as the a location plan for the animation, such as where the main clusters of parts would be able to move as a unit. Finally I developed a bone and Inverse Kinematics rig to allow the rear arm to move as expected along with the pistons moving in tandem function to the arms animation. 



Retford, Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom

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