Deductive Reasoning

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

Deductive Reasoning

Deductive reasoning is the opposite of what we as designers do for our clients, rather than taking the product and creating a client as in this task, we take the client or consumer and pick apart them as a person to create a product that speaks to them.

Using the below images of a room we used deductive reasoning to conclude the type of person who would of been in the room.

The victim profile I have complied is that he is a hunter as a hobby; this is enforced by the fact that he has an empty box of cartridges as well as eye and ear defenders as well as sporting gloves, he is a hunter and not a skeet shooter due to the dog food suggesting a possible spaniel (typical gun dog). He is fond of the older things in life and is quite a educated man, this is supported by the fact of he owns older styles of the products in the room, the bag being somewhere around 10-20 years old and the gloves being a older version of the current MacWet gloves. I have also deduced he has a higher than average income hence the possible holiday to the Riviera and the fact that hunting is normally an expensive hobby. The pictures around suggest he is quite cultured with his fondness of art, classic vehicles and purchases of souvenirs from sri lanker. His age I will place him in the bracket of mid to late 40’s due to the shoe polish being present, this is typical of a generation where a throw away object was not available. Judging from the possible age of the victim it could be possible his name was between David and Steven due to these being the most popular names at the time of birth (70’s). He was well of health and cared about his well being although he was mentally compromised due to the self help book being single due to divorce or being a widow or by choice. His profession is or was a designer due to the range of reading material. An estimate of height would be 6”2’ based on the width of the gloves. With this information I created a photo-fit below 

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