Dystopian Drone - VFX Composting

The guys at FrameStore tasked us to create a 1984/V for Vendetta inspired dystopian world, we had creative reign with the style, of which I had chosen to create a techno-dictatorship dystopia, based loosely on the Norsefire Party from V for Vendetta. My twist on this was to include the idea of a swarm of drones that patrolled the outer rim of the government buildings, a burning wreckage of a recent rebellion attempt is checked over by the autonomous drone. 

The project was to test skills of compositing, 3D animation and VFX into a piece of footage that we had recorded. The drone, environment, animation and swarm is created using lightwave 3D and then composited in AfterEffect with SFX footage masked and composited over the top before a final colour grade of the footage.


Retford, Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom

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