Immersive Surround Projection Experience - Stoney Middleton

Initially asked to produce an animation for show on a screen in the Stoney Middleton heritage centre, we were given the creative reign of how this animation could be displayed as the clients were unsure of the technical requirements of the yet un-built heritage centre. Originally the idea was to create a single screen display, however I posed the idea of creating an experience instead of a simple video. This would target to break the stigma of a 'national-trust-like' screen room, where visitors just walk by due to lack of interest. From this I began to develop ideas on how we could immerse the users into this animation, I experimented with 120° circular screen projects (not dissimilar to Facebook panorama videos) however this could cause adverse cost for the clients, so I then started testing a cheaper alternative in the form of immersive screen wall projections. The idea is that we fill the users entire perception with the imagery to act like a walk in virtual reality helmet. 

Please forgive the aspect ratio as it is intended to be a triple width projector setup


Retford, Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom

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