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The study of signs and symbols as elements of communicative behaviour (, 2015)


Literal associations or direct meaning with the object/word/expression (, 2015)


Something suggested or implied by a word or thing, rather than being explicitly named or described (, 2015)



The sign, be it an image, icon, word, phrase or expression


The meaning behind the sign



The sign that stands for an object


The causal link between sign and object


The use of words, phrases or images to associate the icon to the object

Signifier: rhino, car

Signified: robust, stable, strong, earthy neutral colours

Signifier: officer, moustache, pointing hand

Signified: authority, trust, statement making, and call for action

Denotation: Incorrect reflection. She is seeing herself as being different to what she looks like

Connotation: What she thinks she sees doesn’t match what she is; it is implying that she isn’t able to understand that she has an eating disorder.

Denotation: 3 named human hearts; this grabs attention using a very specific shock tactic

Connotation: the fact that all the hearts look very similar yet the names imply races of the previous owners of the hearts. It shows that racism is not required if we are all the same inside

Denotation: children holding a gun and a kinder egg, the caption says that one of them has been banned for the good of the children

Connotation: the fact that we know that the law allows guns in America, we deduct that the one made illegal is the confectionery, which is far less dangerous than the gun

Denotation: Key from the car in bottom left corner has what looks like a Savannah plain instead of grooves. The text also states that it is able to achieve over 620 miles on a single tank

Connotation: the key graphic implies that using the mileage of the car, you will be able to either make it to Africa on one tank or use the car in Africa due to its off-roading capabilities


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